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The Hospice Philosophy of Care
The Healing Power of Music
Our Journey
Our Repertoire

Music plays a special role in human life. This universal form
of expression transcends the boundaries of age, culture and
physical limitation. Through music we honor sacred occasions,
large and small. We use music to connect with others, to express
what is otherwise difficult, and to mark the passage of time through shared memory of songs we love. Music reaches the ears—
and comforts the soul—when other forms of communication,
and other physical capacities, have failed. Music alleviates pain, diminishes anxiety, and helps us connect with loved ones and
with our own spiritual nature. Ample research has demonstrated
the power of music to heal the human body and spirit,
to sooth the soul during trying times.

Journey Song brings the healing power of music to our
community. Through the simple gift of song, we comfort and
bear witness to the dignity of the individual at the end of life.
We seek not to perform, but to serve.